BLUE LOCH Tartan, Waverley Scotland, Große Notizbuch 21 x 13 cm

BLUE LOCH Tartan, Waverley Scotland, Große Notizbuch 21 x 13 cm

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BLUE LOCH tartan, Waverley Scotland, large notebook 21 x 13 cm
192 p., left page white, right page lined
ISBN 9781849345071 RRP € 17.50

This series of Scottish Tartan Brochures celebrates Scottish traditions. It is a land of history, clans and tartans. Scotland's landscape is made up of hills, glens, mountains, lochs and rivers. Scotland has many castles and fortresses. Each castle is steeped in history and has a story to tell.

Blue Loch Tartan Large Notebook (192 pages) is bound in genuine 'Blue Loch' tartan fabric. The cloth is woven in Great Britain. This base color of Scottish tartan was created to capture the blue and white of the Saltire of Scotland and other shades of blue that reflect Scotland's lochs and rivers. The sky blue with gold stripes symbolizes a beautiful Scottish summer's day. 

Kinloch Anderson: The tartan plaid cloth is supplied in the best quality by Kinloch Anderson Scotland, established in 1868 based in Edinburgh. They hold Royal Warrants of Appointment as Tailors and Kiltmakers for HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and HRH The Prince of Wales. The Notebook: The cover is made from tartan fabric woven in the UK. Waverley Books has published two books on this: 'A Scottish Tradition' (ISBN 9781849345156) and 'Tailored For Scotland' (ISBN 9781849345316) - English language.

Kinloch Anderson have created their own exclusive range of tartans available to all. They are based on the Scottish tartan of the Clan Anderson.

What is a commonplace notebook? This style of notebook dates back to the Scottish Enlightenment. Many thinkers and writers used their notebook to jot down ideas and knowledge. Adam Smith, Robert Burns, David Hume, and later writers such as Sir Walter Scott, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Virginia Woolf used these notebooks.

The Notebook: The cover is made from fabric woven in the UK. Notebook pages and paper components are made from 80 g acid-free paper from sustainable forests. (FSC). The boxes used in the binding process are made from 100% recycled paper. Bound in genuine British tartan cloth, this hardcover notebook features an elastic closure, ribbon marker tape, eight perforated end leaves and an expandable inner note holder. It includes a removable booklet detailing the history of Clan tartans and a bookmark containing information about the tartan.